Recent research found that obese adolescents have increased bone mineral content despite weight loss. Study involved 60 adolescents between 9 and 17 years of age and they went through a trial looking at the effectiveness of weight control program in combination with a sibutramine which is a weight loss drug. Experts used dual energy X – ray absorptiometry scanner and observed legs, arms and lumbar spine as well as the bone mineral content of the whole body. After doing this they compared this results with a control group of adolescents. Results showed that bone mineral content continued to increase in adolescents despite weight loss.

Researchers agree that this findings raises important questions about relation between bone health and early onset obesity and its treatment. They claim that despite the fact that fractures happened because of low bone mineral content they are problem for the elderly the amount of bone mass acquired during puberty is something that determines lifetime fracture risk.

Experts are continuing to research this problem and claim that obesity during adolescence is more frequent and that’s why its important to understand the role of weight loss on bone health in this period which is considered to be very critical.