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In CLA, what is apppropriate "mixed isomer"?


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Commercial supplements of CLA are isomeric mixtures that contain 2 major isomers of CLA. C9t11 and t9c11 are in equal amounts present in the mixture. They are both active isomers. C means cis and t trans forms, which are terms used in description of isomers.

CLA reduces food and energy intake and decreases fat deposition. CLA is conjugated linoleic acid that is essential acid in human body. It means that linoleic acid can not be made in human body; it had to be obtained by food. It’s not just influence on weight what CLA can do. It has important role in brain function, bone health, growth and development, regulation of metabolism and reproductive processes. Natural linoleic acid is found in evening primrose, borage and black currant seed oils. CLAs are found in animal foods as natural components derived from linoleic acid. Its positive influence has been shown in cardiovascular diseases, different forms of cancers and diabetes, among all.

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