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I have been using MetaSlim (the 2 bottle pack) for about a month
and i lost 15 lbs. but i gainged 5lbs cuz i binged 3 days in a row with eating over 2000 cal each day.

anywho, the store was out of stock for the metaslim 2 pack so i bought the MetaSlim CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
Do you think that i'm going to get the same or different results as my previouse metaslim?

What results did you get with the Metaslim CLA, if you took it.


Basically it is the same thing. My brother was using MetaSlim CLA and he has lost around 50 lbs. But he was going to the gym as well so afterwards his muscles were firm and defined. He didn't have any side effects but his best friend had some problems with sweating and some headaches. So he has stopped using it. At first he didn't lose weight like he was hoped but after few months his body started to look amazing, better than my brothers who was still using MetaSlim CLA. So it is up to you to see how your body is going to react.

Are you going to the gym? Or are you involved in any kind of physical activity? If not you should start with something. And you will see that you are going to feel much better and you will not feel that desire to eat over 2000 calories every day.