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Hey there,

I don’t know am I so stupid or all those things about weight loss and diet supplements making me so confused. I was at the pharmacy yesterday, I was buying some things to help me cure the flu. I started to talk to this girl who works there, but she was pretty unkind. Maybe it wasn’t her day! When I was paying all those medicines, I asked her about Tonalin CLA weight loss supplement, is it ok if I try it. She looked at me, significantly, and she asked me do I know what CLA stands for in Tonalin CLA?

I just looked at her, I was confused, and she told me after a few seconds that I need to learn some main things about some diet supplement before I even think to use it.

I just took my medicines for flu and literally run out of the pharmacy! The conversation was so unpleasantly.

Do you know what CLA stands for in Tonalin CLA weight loss supplements?

Can you please tell me?




Don’t worry at all because she was unkind. That is not your problem. Of course that you don’t need to know all things about some diet supplements. You are not stupid because of it! Don’t forget that!

Now, her duty is to explain to you something, not to ask you! Come one, we are not in the school. You don’t have to be down about this.

This supplement is called CLA. CLA stand for Conjugated Linoleic acid. You can find it in meat and dairy products as well. It is known for its abilities to reduce fat at the first place.

You see, no much logic about it. I think that you know it, but you were so unpleasantly there, so you probably forgot that!

Good luck!




Of course it is not your fault because you don’t know. You DON’T need to know at the first place. As you see, the answer is very simple and I bet as well that you know answer on this question. I had similar situation about some diet pills in the pharmacy store. Don’t take it to your heart.

Now when you know, what does this mean to you? Nothing :)

The most important thing is that you know main facts and you do know that this one can help you lose your weight.

Tonalin CLA is rated like one of the best diet supplements, for boys and girls as well.