I’m 13 years old and I’ve never have had sex before, I’ve been noticing a weird discharge lately. It looks clumpy (kinda) and it is an clear-off white color. I have had problems before though. In January, I had my first period(I’m a late bloomer, as they would say)and i haven’t had my second one yet. It’s been about two months and the date is March 20th. It only lasted about 3 days...Before I got my period, I was really worried about how late I was compared to my friends. It concerns me that I haven’t got my second or even my third! I knew my cycle was going to be messed up, because it’s my first time(that’s what happens) but, after the weird discharge, I got more worried. Right now, I’m thinking, what if that wasn’t my period. After all it barely lasted 3 days. Let me describe my first “period” to you...It was basically chuncks if blood, but ofc I was expecting it to come soon, so it didn’t really worry about what it looked like. At least I thought it was my period. I’m not really sure now. I’m scared. Please reply to tell me what to do. I would really appreciate it