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okayy soo heres my story...

i had my period like regular on April 17-23,2012 on April 24,2012 i had sex for the first time, my fiance had bought spermicide condoms and we had sex but not for long because it was a little uncomfortable, he never cummed and the next day i had taken the Plan B pill just in case and two weeks later i had got my period again (May 8, 2012). On May 29, 2012 we had sex again and not for long and it was unprotected sex but he never cummed (for sure) and after sex i bleed for a couple of hours. I had got my period again on June 6, 2012. I have been very bloated and my boobs have been a little swollen since i have taken the Plan B pill.

I just want to know if there is any possiblility for me to be pregnant because i worry about it every day it stresses me out so much, my boyfriend tells me not to worry but i think i scare my self.My period is supposed to come very soon but i am very scared it wont i need advice really bad.


please comment back asap because this really scares me :(


By the sounds of it you might not me, but don't quote me on it. I'd just wait and try to stay calm. Stress can cause you to be late. I would just relax and wait. If you have not gotten your period after a week of your schedualed date then you should go get a pregnancy test.