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Something isnt right.

31st Dec 2012: Home pregnancy test is negative.

31st Dec 2012: Had PROTECTED sex, very careful that the condom did not break, or slip.. and even though there was probably no need to, spent $50 purchasing Plan B One-step pill (which i could only manage to buy 48 hours after the time of intercourse, but it mentions it works within 72 hours)

2nd Jan 2013: Taken the Plan B One-step pill

3rd Jan 2013: Get spotting / faint light period beginning (usually its pretty red & heavy)

After reading numerous stories from possibility of getting pregnant even with a condom, even after taking the morning after pill, and now after light period.. I really have no clue who or what to trust anymore.

For God's sake, what should I do to determine I'm NOT pregnant??


Hi Babe,

If the condom didn't break then there was no need for Plan B.  Plan B is not as effective as a condom.

The spotting/period you had may have been due to Plan B.  Often, there are no signs that it did anything.

Wait two weeks and take another pregnancy test.  That's all you can do.  Your next several cycles can be early or late AND heavier or lighter than normal.

Hope it helps.




Thank you medic-Dan. Please clear my terrible confusion. Throwing more light on this case:

had my last period begin on 29th Nov 2012.

From then until 29th Dec 2012, had regular protected intercourse with (H: partner of 3 years).

No period until 31st Dec 2012, and hpt is negative. (I'm thinking : late period, should be here any day now)

Then on 31st Dec 2012 (2 days late), had protected intercourse with (A: friend).. He said 'protection works, no need to' but didnt trust him, hence took Plan B pill, to avoid ANY chances of pregnancy, esp from intercourse with (A).

Since 3rd Jan 2013: light period, occasionally red & heavy but generally lighter than usual.

GOD FORBID BUT IF 2 weeks later I discover unwanted pregnancy then there's gonna be some terrible confusion as to who the father is.
Cant afford abortion again, had aborted (A)'s child recently in Sept 2012.

Hence I'm in major trouble :( please help


All you can do is wait at this point. Plan B could have made your "light period" happen. It's a very common side effect.

A period can be a couple of days early or late, without meaning you are pregnant.

You used protection each of these times.

Give it time. I don't think you're in "major" trouble.


medic-Dan, I really appreciate both your replies. 2 questions:

1. When shall i take the next pregnancy test to determine the "truth"?

2. I know this is a strange query but if there is a chance of pregnancy,
how to determine if it could be due to A ( intercourse before 30th Dec 2012) or H (intercourse on 31st Dec 2012)?

Really hoping for NO trouble!


Update: took a home preg test today, on 1/12/13 (after protected intercourse on 12/31/12 and light period following: came out NEGATIVE.

I guess my light period transitioned into a normal regular period?

Conclusion (hopeful) i did not get preg unwantedly after all.. Let me know your thoughts.. (if you read this, medic-Dan)