ive been sexually active since january 24th, and ive had unprotected sex multiple times, so i decided to go on birth control. i started my birth control 7 days after my most recent period ended (period ended friday march 8th and i started the birth control on friday march 18th) i cant remember, but i think i had unprotected sex after 7 days of starting birth control, to be safe i took plan b the next day. i decided to have sex again, before i started my period (i was supposed to start on friday april 5th, because thats when i started taking the sugar pills in my pack of birth control) we had unprotected sex on april 1st and this time i didnt get plan b. i thought i was going to be ok, but i still havent gotten my period and now im really freaking out! i missed one pill on the 22nd of march but i took it right away the next day. i bled the smallest amount, on friday, but it was definitely not my period. i had cramps, my boobs were hurting and i cant tell if those are my regualr period symptoms. ive been really stressed out lately so i dont know if thats why i could be late, but i thought that if i was on birth control i am supposed to get my period not matter what, unless im pregnant. so am i pregnant?