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me nad my boyfriend were fooling around. i had underwear on and he didnt. he rubbed against me but not really by the mouth of my vagina. he only did it for a little bit and then i made him stop. i dont think he cummed but he mightve precummed. the next day i was having really bad stomach pains and i have some symptons of being pregnant. its been almost 4 weeks now and its still going on. is there any chance i can be pregnant if he didnt cum even if it was precum could i be pregnant?


Help! Am I pregnant? I took plan b 38 hours after unprotected sex and idk if I'm pregnant. I had some symptoms the pill had said, but my boobs were hurting before the pill. And about 4 days later around the time of ovulation I had brown bleeding in my underwear like the kind you get towards the end of a period. Then the next day there was a lot and it was bright red like a period, now today it's back to brown. Is this implantation bleeding? Or is my system messed up from the pill? I'm really worried