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Hey guys!

I just have a question for ya. I am on Yasmin 28's. I can't even remember the last time I've had sex with my boyfriend, it must've been three - four weeks ago?

It WAS unprotected, however, he didn't ejaculate inside me. I had one day of brown spotting. That was it. I did miss two pills on my last pack of birth control, and am now on my sugar pills. I don't show any symptoms of pregnancy. E.g. breast tenderness, nausea.

I DO have cramping though. Could this spotting have been implantation bleeding? or withdrawl bleeding?

I took two pregnancy tests. One in the morning while my urine was most concentrated, and it showed negative. Should I be worried?

I'm kinda freaking out, I have been under quite alot of stress, lately. As well, I had an abortion two months ago...

If I could get an opinion, that'd be greatly appreciated!


hello there

i have been a bit the same

i had spotting a week before my period and cramps in my stomach i am not 9 days late on my period and prg tests still say negative

so i doubt you are pregnant but if you are worried go to doctors and have some tests done it could be an infrection or maybe its all down to stress cause stress can cause all sorts of problems for us women.

hope everything is ok for you
take care