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Suspect's criminal dress sense

A suspected thief was arrested because of his incriminating fashion sense.

Shopkeeper Neil Primett spotted a passer-by dressed in clothes stolen three weeks ago from his store in Bedford.

He called police and started following the man whose mismatch of designs included a T-shirt stamped with the word 'Criminal'.

Mr Primett told The Guardian: "I couldn't believe it - he was wearing such a mismatch.

"That's a sleeveless summer item which we haven't even put on sale yet."

The suspect's clashing combination of green check elasticated trousers, a jazzy tracksuit top and the electric blue sleeveless T-shirt with 'Criminal' in luminous yellow made him hard to lose.

"The top really stood out," said Mr Primett. "He may have thought he was being fashionable but the clothes didn't go together at all. You certainly couldn't call him a trendsetter."

A man was later arrested and bailed by police for further questioning.



The funniest part is that the shopkeeper seems more pissed about the guys fashion sense than the fact that he was robbed!


Lovely! :umno: