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Hi everyone I found this forum today, it's been really helpful to see other peoples views and experiences and to know that I'm not the only one. While I've read that many people have decided to quit smoking pot, there haven't been many posts on how to deal with over coming the withdrawal symptoms. So I'd like to share my experiences. Firstly I'm not a doctor or med student or anything like that this is purely my way to deal with this problem. My back ground is that I'm 29 and been smoking pot heavily since I was 15. I have over the years quit from 3 to 9 months at a time, at different periods before smoking again. There are no doubts that this is an addiction that I have been struggling with for half my life. The first thing is that my withdrawals include: -very acute stomach pains after eating just about anything except fresh vegetables and fruit. -insomnia -lack of concentration -low energy from not being able to eat properly. I found that firstly not using smoking instruments like bongs is a great step forward. If you want to ween yourself off it, smoke joints. Gradually smoking less is the idea. I went cold turkey the first time and was basically useless for a month. Although I had continually smoked every day for 3 years before trying to stop. The second time I slowly smoked less. Take the time to ride out the withdrawal. You can't function at work or anything while you are in pain. Take some time off, 2 weeks at least. Get in the right frame of mind. There are different positive ways of thinking that will suit each individual. My advice is that I have done it and it worked, so you can start from there. Excercise, this is a major factor, you need to process the toxins out of your body, most effective is sweating it out. Running, walking etc., you should be doing this anyway! This part is the most important and will help with the mental side of overcoming addiction. It's something that will occupy your time and you should be able to see measurable improvements to your physical ability. This really helps to make you realise that you are getting somewhere and it's not all hopeless. Eating the right foods. The worst part of quitting for me was not being able to eat at all, if it wasn't for this one withdrawal I reckon I could quit at any time. There was an article I saw that foods with a higher lithium content helped with the depression side of things. Foods like tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers are mentioned in this article. I also found by eating rock melon/cantelope helped me a lot. Helped with the stomach pains. I could only eat salads and very simple foods at first before being able to eat full meals. Sleeping! I think you will want to do this any way because you will have difficulty doing it. If you want to you can see a chinese herbalist, this helped me the very first time i stopped smoking pot and I didn't know what to do. Be aware that chinese herbs usually need to be boiled correctly and taste really bad. However this really worked for me and gave me a lot of energy to keep going. Keep busy! Video games, books, talking to people. It helps to be absorbed in something other than thinking about quitting. Be aware I still have gone back to smoking at times so I have been repeating this process a few times. This method has helped me overcome the physical problems of marijuana withdrawals, however the mental side is something I have stumbled on. I don't really want to give advice on that because I'm still working on it. thanks people, hope this helps someone out there. I'll add more if I can think of it.


Please...... what do you mean by mental?...... You see, the amazing love of my life, has decided to stop smoking.
At first i had no problem with his smoking, on account I was under the impression .... It was just a so-so thing...a way to relax, take the edge off
his stressful career......(little did I know it was really an addiction.....and probably the decline at the first attempt of his career)..
He has now been given another chance at regaining the career he has worked so hard for....hence forth the reason he has to quite.He exercises eats right and pretty much lives a healthy life style.... except for the fact he is very confrontational....and has such violent anger to a day's. He has turned into a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide......(90% percent of the time being the evil one.)...can this be one of the side effects?
I have told him that I now truly fear him....and am afraid to be around him.I know he's experiencing withdraw symptoms and want to be supportive. but I asked on how I can help him deal with this he said "just deal with it....I won't hit even though I really want to"...needless to say in my mind, I went "See YA"......
I want to believe he doesn't know what he's doing....But i am having a hard time believing that.
I want to truly help him. I can't walk away from someone who may really need my support..... But i think i need to understand the mental part...please fill in more details about that.


I have the same problem with my boyfriend.. His rage is horrible when he can't smoke.. He has issues and has always smoked to escape. He is looking for a way to stop smoking, but he goes crazy when he stops. He too has been smoking for 15 years. We don't have the money for rehab. Is there a supplement that could help him ween off of marijuana?


I don't know of any supplements, but from what i'm seeing the situations with your boyfriends is completely normal. I'm an 18 year old male and have been smoking daily on and off since I was 16 because it was the only thing that helped with nausea( i have pretty bad stomach problems). I had drug testing at my high school, so i had to quit before every school year. Well, every time i had to quit i experienced the same kind of aggression and mood change you are describing. Weed can be addictive if used heavily over a period of time and your body WILL know when you quit. The anxiety can be comparable to that of a tobacco smoker( if you have ever seen a smoker go a full day without a cigarette then you know what i mean). I actually had to quit just recently because i had my wisdom teeth out and i am having to REALLY fight to stay calm around my parents and friends. When you quit cold-turkey from long-term use, you can get severe anxiety; this can manifest itself as aggression, shakiness, elevated heartbeat or anything else anxiety could do to you, possibly even vomiting. You basically get the polar opposite of the weed-high to some extent. These severe symptoms usually lasted the first few days and then only the anxious demeanor was left for about 3 or so weeks. The way your guys are acting is normal and they need someone to help them through it. Try to make them feel more positive if you can, or if they are agitated then try giving them their space because they will probably get better with time. Weed is safe and withdrawal-free when used in small doses, but like every drug in existence, heavy and extended use will lead to some sort of withdrawal no matter how you look at it.

Quitting cold-turkey is the fastest way to get off of weed, but if it doesn't seem to be the way to go for you then try to reduce your daily thc intake. Switch to less potent weed or not, but whatever you do maintain control of the weed and "decompress"( use less and less until you are at almost none) this allows you to ween your body off of thc slowly and effectively without MOST of the withdrawal symptoms. But this method is also much MUCH tougher to do on your own because it takes a lot of self control to smoke less and less every time; so it is more effective to have a partner during this method to control your stash.

Weed isn't the same drug it was in the 60s, 80s, or even 90s. It has become far more potent and concentrated with thc since the plants have been hybridized and modified over the decades to increase potency. This makes it more addictive than it used to be so its normal to get a wthdrawal from extended, heavy use.

This is just from my personal experiences, but I hope it helps out.


About the mental part.

I've been a smoker for over 15 years. And I just stopped smoking about 1 week ago. I am having all the physical symptons insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety etc.

About the mental part.

This is how i feel.

1. Hopeless and unmotivated
2. Everyone is against me. Nobody likes me.
3. Anger and fustration towards society.

I know this is all mental. Even I'm having problems coping with it can anyone help me.


Thank you so much for the helpful tips i want to quit but i need a little help, ive read other comments here and relize that if i dont quit im gonna be pissed without it more so if i dont quit now. If anyone knows of anything else that might help please i cant leave my email but if you could leave me a message at my youtube account (Ichibanushiro)i will thank you for this very much i dont want to end up addicted to it more so them i alrdy am.


I'm 17 at the moment. I'll be turning 18 in July. I never smoked any weed up until I moved to this town last year. So for a year & a half i've been smoking at LEAST twice a day. . .Sometimes would sit for hours and smoke bowl after bowl after bowl, plus countless joints! Well I tried off and on to quit smoking, and it's harder than you'd think! I never started it to fit in, I started it to find out what it was like, then got hooked. I used all my money everytime I got any little bit of it. Anyway, the other day some friends and I were smoking right before school, (very stupid, I know.) so we walked in the class that only has 9 kids in it. . and the teacher could smell it so called the police in. I had to go to the station and take a UA and of course it came back positive. Parents were called, blah blah blah... They had no idea that i would ever even think about doing something like that. So now i'll be put on probation and i have to go to drug councelling. Which is a great thing to me because I was having issues with quitting by myself!SO, Withdrawl stuff. . . 1) Loss of appetite. i dont really eat very often, and when i do its not very much. I remember when i was smoking i would eat ALL THE TIME *munchies. 2) Headaches are killing me. and that's pretty much all . .


Hi to everyone who has replied to my thread topic
I started this a while ago in an effort to stop smoking pot, and I'm glad to say that I have quit . I'm feeling really good and I'm not going back to smoking. I know it's been a long time since I started the thread, but it just goes to show that this sort of addiction, while not as intense as some other drugs can still be hard to beat. It's been 2 months and I have no urge to smoke weed at all

I did all the things that i mentioned above, like eating only raw veges and sleeping heaps. I also kept myself busy with some different activities.

I'm going to elaborate more about what i did so maybe it can help more people beat the addiction.

Firstly I started off by only smoking joints, no bongs or any utensils. This basically is the weening off period, took me about a week of doing this before I actually stopped smoking.

The next thing maybe hard for some people, and for me it was just a bit of fortune. I spent 2 weeks by myself, house sitting for someone who went overseas. I know some people will have work commitments etc. so they can't do this. But this was a big part of helping me quit. You won't have arguments or snap at anyone if they aren't there. Take some time off and go somewhere that you don't know anyone.

During my time by myself I was close to the ocean so I did a lot of fishing and swimming at the beach. Again this won't suit everyone, but any sort of physical activity is good. Running is good, but is hard if you can't eat much like I was when i stopped smoking. Just make sure you are enjoying yourself, and again an activity that you can do by yourself without anyone can make it easier.

I will also add, don't eat anything that will make you feel unwell, stick to just raw veges and things you know won't trigger the stomach pains.
For me the pain was so intense on my failed attempts that it drove me to smoke again, which of course is not what you want to do.

Try to sleep at regular times. Excercise will help you if you get insomnia. It wasn't so hard for me this time, but in the past it was.

It took about 3 weeks before I was eating properly so basically that was when I knew I was over my problem.

Okay some people have commented about the difficulty in the mental part of quitting. For me it was very much a physical thing however I want to help so i'm going to try to give some insight. Please note that everyone is different. I'm not a psychiatric specialist or know anything about psychology so don't take my word on any of my "advice".

To start off, I'm sure you guys and girls will know that you have to be determined to quit. For those of you with partners or friends that you want to help, it is totally up to the individual. It will simply not happen until the individual decides quitting it is what they want.

I realised I had let a lot of people down due to my bad habit. A lot of people meant well and cared about me, but again it is not their decision to make. I had to quit for myself, take it upon yourself if you are addicted to smoke pot that the people who care about you will love you more if you can do the right thing for yourself and them.

I am studying at the moment so this is how i could afford the time to stop smoking. During the end of year break I had nothing to do, so I made sure that i used that time wisely and quit smoking.

Fishing and swimming were things I enjoyed doing when I was young. Use this to your advantage. If you liked playing with lego, do it. If you like watching cartoons, do it. Try to stay doing positive things. Enjoy your time while you are not smoking. For me it was going back to who I was before I started smoking weed. This gives you something to do and takes your mind off whatever reason you started smoking weed. I needed to fill 2 weeks of doing whatever i wanted. I also did do a lot of housework because I was house sitting. Having a clean environment helps clear your mind as well. In fact mowing the lawn on a hot day helped me sweat out the drugs in my system.

I had an actual goal, I decided to stop smoking for a girl that I really liked or even fell in love with. It is silly I know, and I will tell you now that I didn't end up with this girl. But to have any chance with her I had to put my best foot forward. Don't let a failure like this stop you from achieving what is ultimately your own personal goal. I just told myself to "just keep going" over and over. For me this is what got me over the line, in fact if you can deal with failure but realise that you stopped smoking that can help you with confidence in other things.

It can be anything like getting a better job, or just being able to talk to people that you were scared of talking to because you felt shy if they knew you were a pot smoker.

I guess what it comes down to is believing in yourself. Smoking pot for me was to fill a hole in my self doubt. A few things did happen during my childhood like my parents breaking up. Slowly over time I addressed those issues one by one, perhaps that's what the real problem is.

Any way it's been a long answer but I hope this helps at least one of you. Sorry it took so long to write back, maybe I'll check back again soon.
I'm feeling better about myself than I have ever. I don't have this addiction holding me back anymore, I don't drink or smoke cigarettes either so I'm actually feeling healthy too. All my friends and family don't feel worried about me that's a reward in itself.
Best of luck


Ive been trying to stop smoking weed and have been successful so far. I take it day by day. I am having severe withdrawal symptoms after 21 days of not smoking. I have migraines that wont go away for hours and hours. I am more sensitive to light. Sometimes I have icepick migraines, luckily thats only happened once since I stopped and they only last a minute or so. I am experiencing bouts of shortness of breath very frequently throughout the day, everyday. The shortness of breath almost feels like it can lead to a full blown panic attack. In order to not panic, I try and regulate my breathing but it is very difficult to do. I am suffering from major mood swings, way more frequent then when I was using. I become very irritable at the littlest things in my life. If I take the paper towel and it rips only half of it I flip out and can go into a fit of rage. I constantly think why is this happening during that fit, why cant everything just be normal. It leads to a paranoia that things just wont ever work because Im not smoking pot.

Im experiencing a major issue with my jaw clenching. My teeth gnaw over and over to the point where I noticeably feel my jaw hurt when I release the pressure. It feels like I have lock jaw or a wired shut jaw. I am not addicted to meth amphetamines nor have I used any of the sort in years, I state this because after researching my jaw clenching symptoms I was unable to locate any direct connection to cannabis, only meth amphetamines. This may be a direct result of high anxiety. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety, to the point where I have bursts of energy out of nowhere and have no choice but to find some way to release it. I shadow box, or do some push ups and that seems to make the energy build up subside for that time being, but they always come back later in the day.

My moods are crazy unstable, I watch the news and find myself ranting at noone, and if someone is there with me I have to remind them Im talking to myself because they think Im trying to start an argument with them. I am very quick to have a negative judgement on people Ive known my whole life, critisizing them for no reason other then to make myself feel better about me. These people havent harmed me in anyway, and yet I think of them as the enemy at times.

I still havent had a real dresam yet, its almost as if Im thinking of conscious events that happened just replaying them in my mind when I sleep. I dont feel like Im ever induced in a dream state, I wake up virtually thinking the same exact thing as when I fell asleep. I have so many triggers to me wanting to use. Everything is a trigger, and its not secluded to events but also emotions too. When I feel sad I want to get high, or when I sit in a spot for a long time I want to get high. After paying attaention to something for an amount of time and then relax my thought process from that I want to get high. I cant go to the movies anymore, I feel it wont be any fun to me because Im not gonna be high.

I have a lot of things that Im looking back at and very angry about. I have issues with my Father and his lack of any type of guidance for me. He is a physics major college grad from a state catholic university, and he said that it was okay for me to smoke pot when I was 15, even after I dropped out of school. I feel so betrayed by him, but I get confused if it is genuine and just, or if it is just my addiciton manifesting hate to make me vulnerable enough to use. It gets even more hard because I have to dismiss dealing with that altogether in hopes of staying sober and I feel taken advantage of because I cant do anything without second guessing myself because Im addicted.

I have a huge problem solving problems. I like graphic design, I self taught myself how to use the majority of the adobe creative suite. I have had huge success that wouldve been impossible when I was getting high, but at the same time I get so angry when the program doesnt do what I think Im commanding it to do. I self destruct, and turn into the devil. My face burns red and my mind is a complete blank focused on the rage over and over. Whatever the problem was that triggered my rage loops over and over again in my mind leaving me no chance of correctly identifying the problem in order to solve it. I have asked my love one to address me by my first name only now, because I feel that is the only way I will receive them addressing me. That is especially what Ive been trying to do when I get angry, have someone address me by my first name during a rage tantrum in order to pull me out of it I need to be consciously aware of my reality, in my rage Im not. I hope this can help prevent me from hurting myself or god forbid others around me.

I am a around 21 days clean, Im not sure for certain. I wasnt even going to stop, I wasnt able to because it was so easy to get. Now that my source has run out I was forced to stop, oddly enough as it seems a few days later a friend had contacted me telling me they have a direct line to skunk. My drug of choice is high potency marijuana. I had to t4ext them about my new found sobriety and asked for their support. I mainly did tyhat so I dont ask them for weed, merely based on the premise that they would lose pride in me and see me falter to the drug. They would lose respect for me in my mind, that motivates me not to use that source of drugs.

I am very self adamant about my new lifestyle without using drugs or any other addictive drugs such as tobacco or alchohol or whatever. I am dead set not to ever use again, even in the face of the worst withdrawals I have ever experienced in my life. Quitting to me is my life, when Im high I dont do anything. I dont think, I dont communicate, or socialize. My mind hasnt progressed in over 10 years, Im 32 now and my partner tells me Im the same as a teenager. It deeply saddens me to know that people that know me can identify me as being behind my peers of my generation. I feel left behind and I cannot do that to myself anymore. I love life, I love my life, I love the people around me and I dont want to waste it anymore with stagnant non productive days. I want to live my life for the first time, for the rest of my life.

I hope I find people out there that feel like I do, to tell them they are not alone. Marijuana withdrawal is the cause of most of their problems as they are mine. It isnt something wrong with them, it can be fixed. You can fix yourself. You just have to try. I am still broken, but I know deep down I can get better, but only if I cure my addiction. It is destroying me even when I deny it, it destroys me. I will survive to beat it in the end. I have that faith in myself and my mind and my spirit. You need to have faith too.



My name is Nikolai and I have been addicted to THC containing substances since I was 15.
Today I am 23.
I think the amount of days I have not smoked weed in these years does not exceed 2 months.
The first time I "quit" wasn't voluntary. I was around 21, and went on vacation with the family. A week in Croatia, one of the seafood capitals of the world, and for a week i could not eat anything but fruits and salads.
After returning from that vacation, i went right back at it.

Hiding my situation from the family worked for a long time. When I started becoming financially unstable, I would turn to them for help. Little did they know that their money was used to sponsor my bad habits.

Only after I moved out to live on my own did I first really WANT to quit at a certain point. But not before falling into self pitty and great shame before my friends.
My addiction brought me time and again to the verge of personal bankruptcy.
Each end of the month I would eat less, buy less things for the house, at certain points, living on bread and coca cola. Anything to allow me to purchase the next 5-gram baggy. Without it everything was pointless.

Many of the readers and posters here asked about the mental angle of it all. I am willing to provide what insight I can, using myself and my own story as the subject of analysis.

Between the ages of 21 and 23 I have tried to go cold turkey a couple of times. With the help of friends and family (to whom i bravely admitted i had a serious problem) I was able to visualize myself as I wanted myself to be. Gradually, the physical withdawal symptoms went away, and I was able to eat more than a bite and a half per day.
Slowly I started to develop new routines, started getting out of the house more. In fact, I didn't want to spend a single minute sitting still. I was filled with energy beyond what I could imagine. Energy that needed dispensing.
This would not last too long. Old habits die hard.

My "quitting" lasted barely a month. Due to my success in defeating the withdrawal symptoms, the state of mind I was in was.. something along the lines of "I did it once, I can do it again!". This was a bad, bad idea.

Slowly but surely I crumbled back into the darkness. Disappeared again behind a thick veil of smoke. Distancing away and away from everything that I liked, and into a dark abyss of nothingness.
After all these years of smoking, it was the only thing that excited me anymore.
My hobbies seemed silly, my friends stupid, and my family distant.
Some days I would wake up and take a hit from the bong, and wouldn't feel any different. I could not longer tell being high from being sober. Smoking weed became a way of postponing the next withdrawal. It didn't seem like such an easy feat any more.

I have not had Quitting-rage symptoms yet. Nor did I have them the previous times i have decided to go cold turkey.
Just depression.

After this (too) long of an introduction, here are my few words of wisdom to those who are going through withdrawal. Focusing on the mental aspect.

1. The Past, Present, and Future, as a process.
 Look in the mirror. As much as you can. Every day you will like what you see a tiny bit more than the previous.
Visualize your life without dependency. This is a powerful motivational tool. It connects to the mirror-gazing. When you are "intoxicated" for a few good years, you might come to dislike the man/woman in the mirror. Give yourself a glimpse into your future, and a glimpse at the power that is at your disposal. the power to change things in your life.

2. Depression.
 There is only one magic solution. Company. Do not be alone. Keep talking to people, whether in person or on the phone. Stay engaged. Do not gaze at the computer screen, mindlessly refreshing a news page.

3. Your loved ones.
 It is disheartening to think that some of the people that are most important to you, have never seen you clean, uninfluenced.
If you truly love them, show them the other side. Even if it leads you to a dark place, this moment of sharing your true self, is worth every day and every minute of the withdrawal process. You might even find out things about yourself you did not know because you were too distracted.

4. Excitement.
 After having smoked away a good couple of years or more, one may find himself unexcited by anything. This is a direct result of THC abuse.
Regaining the sense of excitement at the level it was prior to the abuse may take up to 6 months, I read.
This is the main reason for my desire to quit. I have been feeling more numb than i imagined I can feel. Even sexual activity did not excite me as it used to. Regardless of whether it was with my girlfriend or just me, myself and I.
It is not quite a struggle for adrenaline, as you cannot even visualize or imagine yourself being excited by something.

5. Willpower, Discipline, Control.
At the darkest moment one might feel he has non of the above.
Through the first days of the withdrawal this eases up a bit, but continues to prove an obstacle even up to several months after quitting.
The best way to assert control over oneself is to practice it.
While in the first phases it will be very difficult for you to resist a joint being passed in front of you, In the later phases (2 weeks +) I encourage you to be in the company of smokers, while they are smoking. This is sort of a test I see myself taking every once in a while after the physical withdrawal passes. To see where I stand. Should you feel that you are not in control quite yet, leave before doing any harm. One Joint may drag you though another few nasty days if you did this too soon.

This is all I have to share, in hopes it will help you and your loved ones get over the mental part of the withdrawal process.
I have guided many friends through this, even though I have myself not been able to practice every aspect.

If you have any questions or comment, please do write to me at nbeltov2(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you,
Nikolai Beltov
Tel-Aviv, Israel.



Congratulations on stopping.  I'm trying to stop and today is day one. I've been smoking chronically for over 3 years now with a couple of breaks for a few weeks at a time.  I relapsed into smoking pot 3 years ago after over 10 years of sobriety and working in the addiction field.  Meanwhile I did want to let people know that marijuana stays in your system for 30 days and sometimes the cravings for pot is not nearly as bad until after a couple of weeks when it is finally leaving your body.  The mental craving probably will always be there just like nicotine but you have to say no and move on as fast possible. Don't even entertain cravings because it doesn't work. I also agree that weaning oneself off is slightly better but not much. Throwing pot away is usually the bigger committment to quiting.  For me it is a complete lack of motivation that is the hardest. Kind of interesting when you think about how pot generally demotivates people anyway and yet part of the appeal is doing things while stoned. An oxymoron of sourts




I'm 30 years old and have been smoking weed since I was 16 to cope with what were once hardships in my life. Recently I finally came to the conclusion that I no longer needed the marijuana because I was getting sick and tired of once a month having my head in the clouds for a week. That's when I decided to give it up and not buy my month regiment, but when the first of the month hit the withdrawals finally started hitting me like a mad house. I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING OUT OF MY MIND!!! I always assume worst case scenario, I've been irritable, and even though I've been able to sleep, eat, and do my normal activities... I just feel like there is something seriously wrong with me mentally, like the weed was helping me cope with something unrecognized psychologically. I'll be honest, MARIJUANA ISN'T A DRUG IT IS A MEDICINE, however it can also be addictive and habit forming and right now the withdrawals for me are a b***h! My aunt suggested I try Valerian Root Extract capsules to help which I plan to try soon. Hopefully they will help. Sorry for going on, just felt like I should also share my story.


Hi every one...  Been a smoker for 18 years now... im 33 male.  First of all id like to admit that i really like the stuff and have no intention of quitting.  The stress surouding that idea makes going without sooo much worse.  Trust me as i get older stopping and starting up is getting easier.  Truely it is a matter of losening your grip about it.  Dont let the nay sayers in your life tell you its the pot thats the key to your anxiety.  Your anxiety can no doubt be traced way back to events in your life when you first started and screwed up things people have said and done to you to punish you for been so 'bad'.  If you want to deal with the 'issues' that emerge each time you go through withdrawles...  Then deal with it.  accept that you like pot and your friends, family or peers dont.  that is their problem and they have no bussiness telling you what YOU like.  They are harming you by invalidating your personal perception.  That is why you get so steamed everytime you dont have pot. 

At the same time you need to understand that if you sit on your ass smoking bongs and blunts all day your life will suck!  Think about all the other things that are important to you and GO MAkE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF.  POT DOES NOT HAVE TO STOP YOU BEEN SUCCESSFUL.  In time you will come to have a more balanced life.  You will work all day without barely thinking about pot then when you get home you will have the added bonus... 'oh yeah iv got cones!'  you and your girl can get high watch porn and screw or what ever you want but i asure you life will be better if you losen up...

By the way to treat withdrawles (eg sweating while you sleep, stinging eyes etc) take two panadol (or similar) every 4 hours or as needed ( dont take too many as these are not good for you either if you abuse them!)  Works wonders!



I have been smoking marijuana everyday at least 3-5x's a day for the past 6-7 years without missing one day. I have reached a point that my body or mind does not function properly rather I smoke or not. So at this time, regardless of how difficult it's going to be. I am no longer going to smoke...ANYTHING! Due to my over use of pot. I now get very fatigued, nauseas, dizzy and a host of other things all due to my continuous and abusive use of pot. The thing about pot is, it's not looked at as a hard drug so that alone can lead to overuse. Very few understand that trying to detox from pot after being such a heavy user. Can be just as painful as detoxing from any hard drug. Addiction is addiction. Therefore, changing that addictive pattern is very difficult. My question is, does anyone have any idea's or solutions of being able to handle and deal with the withdrawls of not smoking pot? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help and GL to all who is kicking any addiction they may have. I control what goes into my body and now it's time to prove it !


after smoking for 31 years I have quit. the withdrawels are nasty, but improving. I have the stomach problems, the anger, and am also bored and dont know how to fill the time since im not high anymore. exercise has helped alot, taking benedryl to sleep, and trying to cope with my emotions (which has been really really hard, if not impossible)
I still think weed should be legal and an individual choice, but I also think its healthier not to indulge, and that its time for me to finally let it go.
hugs and love to all who suffer with this.