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I cut the top of my index finger, across the middle knuckle, with an orbital sander. I applied pressure until the bleeding stopped. It seemed deep, but I was reluctant to see how deep; I applied hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, and a bandage. I put the finger in a splint, to prevent accidental re-opening of the wound, caused by flexing.

Changed the bandage daily for a week. It seems to be healing OK but, while the first and third knuckles will bend, the middle knuckle seems unable to. (This may be due to swelling, as well as my reluctance to apply too much pressure, which might re-rupture the healing wound).

My fear is there might be tendon damage. My question is: If the tendons are on the finger's bottom, how could they be injured by a cut on the finger's top?

I'd appreciate a quick reply, as I understand there is a short time frame for effective tendon repair.



Hi there, i have done something similar and cant bend my finger its very worrying . i grinded the top of my knuckle , went threw a tendon and into the knuckle bone. the cut is still healing after three weeks i cant make a fist my finger is sticking out extended and every time i knock it and it bends its extremly painful.  how are you going any news will your finger be able to bend again i hope you are you on the mend.