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Yesterday 11-12-13, I was working on my car and I accidentally hit the tip of my ring finger with a 2 pound rubber mallet. It is now bruised and swollen. I have already tried icing it during the night but it seems to be getting worse. Is this just what happens? How long until the swelling and discoloration goes away? 


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It may take a few weeks to return to somewhat normal and probably much longer to get to "it never happened".

I got the 2nd knuckle of my index finger jammed between some logs about a month ago. It wasn't broken, I could still bend it, but it sure hurt when I did. The blood blister that was deep under the skin is gone now, the swelling is gone, the numbness has nearly gone and I can almost bend it to a full curl. I can use it to unscrew a bottle cap now but it is still tender and hurts when I wipe my nose with that knuckle.