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About 5 weeks ago I fell down and drove my fist into a rock. More specifically, my middle knuckle on my pinky finger. It did not seem broken, it did not swell and I could move it easily considering the blow.

Now 5 weeks later it still gives me trouble. It hurts to bend it all the way inwards to make a fist. It still hurts to press on it or to forcefully flex to the straight position whille pressing against something.

I have been using a finger splint and when I remove it after 8 or more hours my flexibilty in the finger is greatly reduced. After some gently flexing I get the mobility back.

I am wondering, did I perhaps break my finger. If so its got to be too late to see a doctor?? Should I continue to use the splint or should I keep it off. If I leave the splint on will I eventually lose most ofteh flexibilty in my finger?



As a rule it is best to get an x-ray just in case there is a fracture. I played it conservatively for 10 days after breaking my pinky. Like you I hoped it was sprained. Since it was the bone closest to the hand I could bend the other knuckles and was tricked by the mobility. The alarming pain didn't go away and the finger was starting to point outward. X-rays revealed a serious fracture not healed. Surgery to put in pins was done the next day. (11 days after injury) It is healing well but still painful. Pins come out next week. Then physical therapy to regain flexibility. All this for a bone only an inch long. I second guessed my injury. I am not a Dr. The pain was alarming. DON'T WAIT!!!