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Hello and thanks for helping! first off, im 16, and while cutting an apple in the kitchen with a kitchen knife, my grip slipped and i badly cut the first "bend" or groove maybe you'd call it, on my pinky. it was a deep cut, and bled alot, but didnt hurt a very badly. I applied pressure, stopped the bleeding, and cleaned with warm water and antibiotics. I went to a doctor a few days after the cut and he made sure i was up to date on my tetanus shots. It seemed I was, so he sent me out the door. almost 2 months after the cut, I still cannot fully make a fist with my right hand because I just cannot curl my pinky finger. any bending motion of my pinky brings a sharp jolt of pain, that even sometimes wakes me up from sleep because i had my hand in an awkward position. Im not sure if its just swelling or maybe an infection or I could have possibly cut a tendon/ligament?

(no visible discoloration/swelling)

any information or advice is greatly appreciated.



You should see a doctor, since it still hurts since it has been two months now. The doctor will either tell you something is going on, or he will give you pain killers to help your pinky.