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age: 20

gender: male

have tinea crusis but after medicine it got away. but a week ago it started re occurring my thigh scrothm and perineum ( after scrothm before anus) and it started to itch a lot. at night i subconsiously started itching my perineum region an got awake from sleep making an injury. a small swelling with a scratch mark. it started growing and is very painful. its two day now pain is too severe to walk, sit or even move my legs. will it go away on its own ? or is it furuncle.???


Hello! Few people have ever come across a purulent wound or furuncle on the body. Self-medication is allowed only in very innocuous cases. If the wound or boil increases, pus in them deep, the problem is accompanied by a constant increase in temperature, then you definitely need to see a doctor. It is necessary to open and install the drainage (a device that does not allow to fully tighten the wound, contributing to the outflow of pus). If you delay this, expecting that the pus will come out, you can eventually get even a poisoning of the blood. This is fraught with bad consequences. First of all, it is necessary to wash and clean the purulent wounds. For this, therapeutic baths and lotions are used. Make them from different types of plants To get a decoction, you need to take one tablespoon of coarse plant material, add one litter of boiled water and cook in a water bath for 15 minutes over a small fire. After cooling, place the wound in the wound in the bath for half an hour. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. After cleaning and disinfection, procedures are performed to create an outflow of pus from the wound. Blowing the wound will help the folk remedies. Garlic-soap compress. Cellulose from a closed wound will help the garlic soap pack. To do this, the head of garlic is baked in the oven. Then it is ground and mixed with a finely ground washing soap. From this mixture a cake is formed, applied to the wound and fixed with a bandage. After four hours, the bandage should be changed. After a while, the pus will come out. Cut the onion. The onion's head, cut into two parts, is applied to the wound and fixed with a bandage for 4 hours. Leaf scarlet. The leaf is cut along, and the side of the pulp is applied to the suppuration site. It is fixed with a bandage or bandage and leaves at night. The effect will be visible in 2-3 days. Burning beets and potatoes. Beets or potatoes are finely chopped on a grater, and the resulting porridge is applied to the wound. Change the compress every two to three hours. But if the condition worsens, then you need to see a doctor.