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There are many types of weight-loss diets with fancy names and varying techniques. One of them is the pineapple diet, which involves taking "Pineapple Super Fat Melter tablets" or eating lots of pineapple, tuna and water daily. According to its proponents, pineapples contain some enzymes that can help break down fat and lots of fiber that can help you reduce weight. We must remember, however, that pineapples also contain lots of sugar, which if taken in large amounts can increase blood glucose levels and calorie intake. Other fad diets involve eating certain specific foods like cabbage or grapefruit for several days to lose weight, while others involve eliminating food groups such as carbohydrates from the diet.

What is a Fad Diet?

Fad diets usually promise a quick way to lose weight. Some companies claim miraculous results such as losing 10 pounds within a few days. These usually sound too good to be true and too easy to achieve such wonderful results. They usually oversimplify complex scientific research, so that common people may accept sweeping generalizations and believe in real-life Testimonies. In contrast to valid scientific research, which involves many participants, little biases and repeatable results, companies that promote fad diets base their claims on studies that have not been reviewed by experts and often involve anecdotal reports. Finally, you know you are being taken in for a ride if the company sells you a book, a video, and a product, which you have to order over and over again for many weeks or months to sustain good results.

What is a Good Weight Loss Diet?

A good, healthy weight loss diet does not recommend eating only a specific type of food or food group, nor does it suggest eliminating a whole group of foods (such as carbohydrates) from the diet. A good weight loss diet must emphasize eating a variety of foods that include high quality proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Its focus is on nutrient-dense, but low calorie foods.

One example of a healthy diet is the Mediterranean-style diet, which allows you to eat a variety of colorful, tasty foods, including a sip of wine. It is endorsed by many health experts because it helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and stroke, without sacrificing any food group.

Another type of diet is the French-style diet, which is full of flavor, but keeps you slim and healthy. It is something anyone will enjoy - eat anything you want, except processed foods, but practice portion control. It advocates eating slowly, savoring the quality of your food, and finishing off with a piece of cheese, dark chocolate, wine or coffee!

The real secret in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is to eat less and to exercise more.

So, before you buy that bottle of diet pills, think about eating quality foods in small portions and balancing the energy you consume with exercise to burn off excess calories. If you consume at least 500 calories less than usual and exercise at least 150 minutes a week, you're off to a good start. It may not be easy to do at first, but you can start by eliminating junk food, processed foods, and fast foods from your diet. Start doing ten-minute exercises throughout the day by walking briskly, climbing stairs and doing some chores. Talk to your doctor about taking weight-loss medications if you have difficulty losing weight on your own.

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