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i had my spleen removed in 2001 and am living with somebody who has a bird but is too lazy to clean its cage regularly. i live in an area high in humidity and i understand that histoplasmosis grows in bird droppings. i have mentioned to him that he needs to keep their cages clean more than what he does because it is a health risk, but was told that if i want it clean i should do it myself because he "works for a living while i sit at home and do nothing" (i was laid off from my job 3 weeks ago).

my question is should i be cleaning up moldy bird droppings if i have a compromised immune system or should he? also since living in this house i have developed a lot of congestion and a cough even though i feel fine but have noticed lately it has gotten worse. is this something i should be concerned about? the reason i ask is because i no longer have health insurance since the layoff and cannot afford to go to the doctor if it isn't an emergency..


Believe me, I'm a COMPLETE animal fanatic, but I wouldn't risk my life if I were in your position. If I could, I would personally come and clean that cage for you.

My husband has suffered complications from Histoplasmosis beginning 24 years ago with the loss of his vision. He had his spleen and a huge tumor removed from his chest shortly thereafter when they discovered he had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, due to a compromised immune system.

We didn't know until 2006 that Histo was to blame for most (if not all) of the misery he's been through since 1985. That spring he was exposed to bird droppings during a day of fishing on a shore, with just the typical amount of bird activity/droppings (ducks, gulls, birds searching for food). We almost lost him soon after because the disease is very hard to diagnose, even though it's virtually an epidemic in many areas (we're in one of the top regions). I even have Histo scars on my eyes and one lung, from before I ever knew my husband! People are diagnosed with untreatable cancer (such as lung cancer), when an anti-fungal drug might have easily saved them, just like my husband was in a nick of time.

In just our small circle of relatives and friends, we've known at least 5 people that have been very critically affected by it (such as major vision loss, and even organ failure, most likely due to the disease).
Anyone with a compromised immune system is at a VERY high risk, which is why so many AIDs sufferers contract it.

Without a spleen, your immunity is critically compromised! You've had a critical disease-fighting organ taken away. Don't feel like a drama queen or a hypochondriac because you understand the risk to your health.
God knows I'm no expert, but when I was terrified that I was on the brink of losing my husband (who is my soul), I spent countless hours researching every medical journal, and every bit of info I could get my hands on.

He still suffers horrible health problems, one after another, so please don't take a chance on your health and your future quality of life.


i have a question that im quiet concerned about. i had gotten into a car accident 4 months ago (Jan. 27th) and had to have my spleen removed and they had to give me 4units of blood because they said i lost about 70% of my blood inside of me. and then the next day out of surgery my left lung collasped. well i left the hospital feb. 3rd but i recently just folund out im 12 and a half weeks pregant and i remember my surgen saying that there would be complications, what comlications was he talking about. and sorry for all the misspells....