Medical circles are getting worried as it seems that the bird flue virus has developed a resistance to the Tamiflu drug.

Two Vietnamese patients were treated with the drug but unfortunately the drug didn’t show to be affective in their cases and they passed away. Health officials report that the virus mutates in the patients, becomes more aggressive and kills them. The 274Y resistant strains were found in both cases. Instances of resistance to the drug have also been seen in Japan, especially in the case of children.

Tamiflu can be used serve to reduce the severity of the attack of the virus but it will need other antiviral drugs to help out.
Suspicion is rising about the reliability of this drug, which is being stockpiled across the world.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche, which is the only manufacturer of Tamiflu drug for now, confirmed that it is negotiating with 15 companies in the U.S. about stepping up the production of Tamiflu.