I got the depo shot and it was the worst decision of my life!

Do you know the depo shot is used to chemically castrate pedophiles in the US? Thats right. It is so strong and powerful it is used to curve the sexual urges in pedos!!!!!! And they approved this to use in women?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?

I went from being fine, happy and carefree to unable to leave the house due to MASSIVE panic attacks. I would get them out of nowhere. I had intrusive, abnormal thoughts ranging from thinking I was dying to thinking I was developing schizophrenia. I have a 1 year old at home to take care of and it almost became impossible due to my constant worrying thoughts. I ended up starting on lexapro to curb my anxiety. I had awful side effects on that but thankfully I persisted and my anxiety has stopped but now thats another medication that I have to get out of my system. I have ZERO sex drive which has affected my relationship. I am so tired all the time, Im asleep by 7:30pm every night. I get terrible night sweats, I mean drenched clothes and sheets. Its been 3 months since my shot and no signs of my body returning to normal. Ive had the implanon before and had no issues, same with the pill. I have had no period at all and even normal, healthy discharge has stopped. I have lost so much weight due to loss of apitite.The worst thing about this poison is once its in there is no way to stop it. If you reacted badly to any form of contraception DON'T get the depo!!! I know alot of people have had zero reactions to this injection, but more and more women are coming out with horror stories.