Depo provera was the worst thing I've ever gotten I've been back and fourth with my mental and physical state like never before ...  depo provera has caused me so much anxiety I even went to the hospital a week after I got the shot because I had an anxiety attack . For a few weeks it's been just anxiety then all the sudden depressed kicked in and I've never ever been depressed like this I would cry randomly and think of myself so low and how ugly I look when before I absolutely loved myself I would cry everyday wanting my life back nothing really mad me happy I would go weeks with being fine then all the sudden depressed and anxiety kicked in I feel so lightheaded sometimes to the point where I feel disconnected from everything and so depersonalized this drug no one should ever take it's so bad for the body and mind . I'm 16 years old and I'm on my 12 week of depo and I'm hoping I'll get better soon. The only person that can comfort me is my bf I have no confidence anymore to do anything everyone who is going through this please stay strong it will go away I've  been sucidal and even did self harm because this shot made me feel horrible don't go through this alone