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I've been on the Depo shot for 9 months and exprience some pretty nasty side affects from time to time. Can people tell me what they've dealt with?

Oh and all of this worry about getting pregnant on it? Don't worry. Depo tricks your body into thinking you already are, which is why SOME girls dont get the periods for a year. It's 99.7% affective and one of the most effective out there. Im on that, AND I make my boyfriend pull out every time.

I talked to my doctor, and I went to wikipedia and they said getting pregnant from precum WHILE on depo, is virtually 0% and would go into the record books if you did.

Things I've been expriencing are:

After 1st shot, no side affects. Didn't have a period for 4 months. After my 2nd shot I bled for 3 months non-stop. Not heavy, just spotting more or less. Had bad mood swings from time to time, boobs got bigger (not complaining, I had really bad cramps, constipation, and bad anxiety and headaches.

I had my 3rd shot a few days ago, and immiediatly after my bleeding stopped and I stopped being AS moody. alto constipation has gotten worse.

And suggestions?


I have been on the depo provera shot for a year and 3 months, In the beginning it seemed like the perfect birth control. I didn't have periods, and had a 0-1 chance of getting preg. But then after a year I started to get horrible anixety attacks, complete with hot flashes, headaches, nausea (severely), muscle and joint pain, throwing up, diareah, fatigue, you name it. I went to a health food store in upland, california a woman working there said to try taking estro-balance vitamins and serenity cream. Within 3 weeks of eachother I had the depo already coming out 4 weeks before my missed injection and in that 3 weeks I had already had a normal period. Not all women are the same, but it helps 99% most women got off the depo a lot easier. Also taking Calms powder in a drink everyday relaxes the nervous without side effects or impairment. It's Helped me dramatically, once I got my period the anxiety attacks stopped and I felt back to normal. The depo hasn't completely gotten out of my system yet, but its going out faster than without these items to help it get out sooner. I really hope that women dont get on this shot, Its not worth the symptoms that might occur trust me on this one, I have been in over 6 different hospitals at least 4 times a week because the depo messed up my system. I hope this will help you and others out with this problem injection. 8)