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I have suffered from anxiety and depression for yrs. WAs diagnosed twice with severe add. Been I'm and off Prozac, Paul, Wellbutrin, you name it. IM wondering if my add could be my.underlying cause of my depression, maybe that's why the antidepressants never worked that well, only zapped my energy and increased my appetite. I have a prescr for 20 Adderall but IM a bit scared to take it. Any advice


Dear DorSco,

I don't really have an answer for you because I am not a doctor. I've been to enough of them to become one probably though. I wanted to let you know I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7. I have been taking stimulants for ADHD ever since. I am addicted and heavily abuse the medication. I've read a lot of books about ADHD and been in a lot of college psychology classes and from what I learned, ADD and depression carry many of the same symptoms. I think taking adderall is a bad idea. My psychiatrist told me that Adderall can also cause depression in some people. I REALLY don't think you should take the adderall. It basically ruined my life. Adderall is dangerous and highly addictive. I think you should get a psych evaluation to diagnose your true psychological condition before taking an ADD med...I am appalled that your doctor gave you adderall for depression. Adderall isn't for depression. You should also see a therapist. Sometimes you can cure the symptoms with medication...but not the underlying cause. Talking would help you a lot. Don't take something unless you are completely confident you need it... I'm here if you need someone to talk to.