Hi... I am a 31 year old diagnosed with ADHD today. I will start taking 10mg of Adderall 2x a day tomorrow. So I don't have any experiences yet, but I wanted to give some information I got from my primary family doctor (a heart surgeon turned family practice doctor). Oh and just in case anyone is wondering he did not write my prescription I went a saw a psych. doctor with experience in Adult ADHD.

However Recently my primary care physican asked if I wanted a prescription for Prozac to help aid in my weight loss. (He was on the original board of doctors testing the drug for weight loss years ago) I thought this was weird and I said no and then went on to lose 17 lbs all on my own with eating better and exercise.

However He informed me that originally a lot of mental health drugs were weight loss drugs including Prozac and Adderall and after tests they noticed that there was a significant increase in peoples moods or they were more focused. So the "drug companies" decided to market it as an anti depression drug or ADHD drug rather than a weight loss drug. Using drugs for "off use" purposes is kind of joke... I mean so many drugs were originally created to help with different things than marketed toward something completly different. Its all about the money... these drugs are not cheap. A good experienced doctor will know all information about different drugs and there pros and cons. If he feels that his severly obese client could benefit from taking a drug like prozac or adderall for weight loss (which it was originally created to do) and the potential health risks of being overweight (heart disease, diabeties etc...) out weigh the side effects then let them take the drug with medical supervision.

Abuse of any drug is dangerous and should be avoided. Also nothing is a miracle cure. You still need to change your habits and exercise.