I seriously don't know what I have or what's going on with my vagina... Can someone please help me or give me some kind of advice?? About a week ago I was diagnosed with a yeast infection... The pharmacist lady told me to use monistat 7 if I was itching, burning or irritated. So I did. Throughout my 7 day treatment I was confused cause I didn't know if it was working or not. Cause some days I was still itching bad or less. After the treatment I notice I was coming down with a fever, bad headache and lower back pain... Which I didn't take well cause looking online I was told that can be a sign of a STD. So the only thing I could think of was going to a doctor. As I sat an talk to the doctor and explain everything with my yeast infection and the monistat 7... He told me that I might was allergic to it and the fever was probably behind a flu cause the flu is going around and the lower back pain was probably from packing heaving boxes at work which was true. So he gave me a dilfiucan 150 mg for one day and two prescribe medications for the muscle pain and pain period and told me to get some NyQuil and dayquil for the fever. So I did... Everything he told me I did it. Now it been 5 days since I took the dilfiucan... No itching no burning or no redness... So when my boyfriend and I tried to have sex he couldn't enter inside my vagina... Couldn't understand why... So I took a mirror and I see that it's swollen why is that? Is it behind the meds or do I have something other than a yeast infection? And why do I still have this fever?