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I'm planning on going to a health clinic tomorrow after work but depending on what time I get off... But I would like to know what's going on with my body... Can someone help me or give me some advice? I had been with my boyfriend for two years now and throughout the first year together we stay using condoms. Well sometimes. But we stay getting tested for HIV and STDs and both came out negative. But the last time we had sex and before my vagina was always sore and a little itchy do to the roughness and sometimes being dry down there. But this time the itching got worse and burn cause I think I had irritated with scented soap down there and wearing tight underwear. So I got it turned into a yeast infection cause it was burning while peeing and more so I started using monistat 7. Which is today is my last treatment and my vagina is doing ok... No burning or itching in the inside just a little itching on the outside which I'm using the external cream for. But recently when I went to a clinic to get a check up I explain everything to the doctor and he took it as a std without giving me a test saying I would be fine but if it was to do a test and give me treatment I had to pay him $725 upfront. Wtf... So I'm planning to go to another clinic cause even tho the monistat 7 did some kind of work I still want to know what's wrong with me. I read up on it and I keep getting scared cause everything that happening to me is telling me I might have chylamdia... Wth!! This my first time experiencing this yeast infection. And even though I have rough sex or be dry while having sex... I truly don't think it can be chylamdia. I pray to god it's not but can someone give me some advice


Don't worry too much. Yeast infection and chlamydia is very common. This disease can recur easily. You'd better take the medicine that can eradicate this disease. The herbal medicine named . Pill can help you. It can eradicate chlamydia and doesn't have any side effects. You can google . Pill to get more information. I hope it can help you.