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My three year old appears to have a yeast infection. Is there something safe I can give her to relieve the itching?


First of all you need to make sure it's yeast and not just a diaper rash or something else that's irritating your child’s skin. My neighbor, who is pediatrician by the way, says that A&D works wonders, nystatin(Rx), Monistat (OTC), Magic Butt Cream and something else magical - lay off sugar - yeast thrives on it - so any juice, sugared yogurt or other sugary things (fresh fruit or jarred depending on age).

Also limit diaper time and change diapers frequently and immediately after wet or dirty diaper. Lay off powder and avoid bubble baths. For girls in undies use white cotton only. You can also use cotton squares dipped in warm water, instead of wipes, to soothe your toddler and make the pain less until the situation clears. I hope this helps and that your child is going to be better soon.