So I've had hemorrhoids for the better part of 6-7 months. Only in the past few have they taken a turn for the worst. Last month it got so bad that it hurt to move and I could not sleep. I tried all the home remedies I could find and nothing helped through the night.

I finally talked to a specialist and went in for a (rather embarassing) appointment in which he confirmed they are hemorrhoids. I was hoping to schedule surgery/band litigation/prescription/SOMETHING, but all he did was give me a pamphlet and push me out the door. Advised me that I need to eat more fiber and drink more water.

The problem is that I have never had a PROBLEM with a BM. I don't strain or take long on the toilet even with my current, albeit bad, diet. He didn't seem to believe me and the thought that I had to go on living with these monstrosities literally left me light headed. I don't want to have to put up with this pain. 

Regardless, I took the doc's advice and have been drinking nothing but water and revolving my entire diet around whole-grain and fiber based foods. I've noticed a bit of a difference with BMs, making it SOMEWHAT easier, but absolutely zero difference in the hemorrhoids. No matter how the bathroom goes, they ALWAYS inflame absurdly (usually when wiping). Even when I manage to not get them to do that, they only reduce the swelling and the bumps never go completely away. 

My doctor blatantly said that surgery is not on the table for these. I don't usually question the professionals, but I can't keep putting up with these, especially when I AM following his orders and it isn't helping. Does anyone have any suggestions?