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Hello fellow hemorrhoid sufferers!!! I am currently also suffering but hope is around the corner. Soon I will be getting a hemorrhoidectomy. In preperation I have read much about it, and I thought I would post my experience throughout the process. I have never done this sort of thing before, but I know there are many sufferers out there and theres no such thing as too much information when dealing with a health problem. Since I am starting this topic before surgery you can see I have an open mind. Hopefully its a good experience, but if its bad I'll write about that too. 

A little basic info about me. I am a 30 year old male. I am 5,7 and 190 lbs. So I've got a little extra weight on me. I take a antidepressant and an anxiety medication. I've taken these for about 10 years. I have no other physical health problems. My blood sugar, blood pressure is always very good.

I started having BM problems in early 2009. I would go long periods of time constipated. And when I did go there was blood. Sometimes lots of blood. The constipation was so bad that I had to use my finger to digitally get my BMs going. I haven't read this from other people, although I'm sure it happens. If I didn't do it I could go a week without a BM. But I never had cramping for some reason. 

I went to the doctor and told him about the blood, but I was too embarrassed to tell him about how I started my BMs. He scheduled me for a sigmoidoscopy, which is like a mini colonoscopy. I was awake during the 20 minutes it took. I layed on my side and watched it all on a tv. The doctor was very gentle when inserting the camera. The only pain was from air being blown in my colon by the device. They do this to get a better view...I think lol. Anway that air has to go somewhere. Until it does it hurts a lot. So the doctor encouraged me to push it out, which is hard when theres a tube in there. Afterward I let out a LOT of gas, which made my stomach feel better. They blow a lot of air while doing it. But overall a very easy procedure. The doctor said they found internal hemorrhoids, which was where the blood was coming from. They told me to take a fiber suplement. I took the fiber for a few months religously, and drank tons of water, but nothing changed. So I gave up and decided to just live with it.

In 2010 was the first time I felt pain from the hemorrhoids. It was horrible. I couldn't sleep and I couldn't think. This continued for a while. Happening my frequently as time went on. Around 2011 I could start to feel external hemorrhoids. They would come and go. Pain also came and went. Some nights were spent in a sleepless pain. Sometimes I was fine. I used over the counter creams, which hazel but nothing helped. 

About 5 days ago I had bad gas and diarhea. While wiping I noticed a BIG external hemorrhoid that hurt when I touched it. But this felt different than other hemorrhoids, because it was rock hard. This really freaked me out. Over 2 days the pain only got worse and would only go away while lying down or in a recliner. Which was different from other hemorrhoids I had in the past, which hurt more while siting. I went to the doctor yesterday. She told me it was a thrombosed hemorrhoid, which has a blood clot in it. Thats why it so hard. I was then seen by a surgeon quickly. He examined me and told me my options. He said they could do an outpatient procedure where he would locally numb the hemorrhoid and cut it off. He was very honest about this option, saying it would hurt a lot. The other option was to be put under for surgery. I didn't want to be awake to feel or hear the cutting. I told him I want to be out during it. We have scheduled a consultation for tuesday. Then I will know all of the particulars and details. 

Until then they prescriped me a suppository laxative, supposity corticosteroid, stool softener, and lidocaine jelly. The suppositories are very difficult to insert became my hemorrhoid is blocking my anal opening. The laxative helped, and BM was pain free, but after a few minutes it was stinging in pain again. Almost like after eating something spicy. The lidocaine jelly is a life saver. Here a tip, don't use the jelly until after a BM and wiping. If you put it on, then 40 minutes later have a BM, you'll just end up wiping it off. It takes away 90 percent of the pain, but doesn't last more than 2 hours. 

I hope this isn't too dull, I tried to be as informative as I could to help others. I will try to post every day through this process. I'll be happy to offer or take any tips. 


How did the procedure go? Did it solve the issue?


i to am wondering how it went for u