I don't even know where to start..  I just turned 22. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and played college soccer for 2 years.  This past July,  (7 months ago),  all my symptoms started.  I stayed up all night long partying with my friends,  which was normal for me at the time,  we were leaving for the beach that next morning so we stayed up all night long.  We go to Walmart and I just feel like I am going to literally die.  Heart is pounding.  Even when I tried to lay down I had to always tap a foot or stay moving somehow.  Went to the ER and they said I was just dehydrated and full of caffeine. Ever since that morning I have never been the same.  I've been to multiple doctors, cardiologist, you name it I've been.  I wore a heart monitor and nothing was found to be wrong. Not long after the first "episode"  I moved off to another college and have had to go to the ER twice since being here.  This new doctor said I have gene Mthfr mutation and just started new meds,  but I just go through every day feeling horrible.        I'm always in a daze, I have trouble concentrating,  some nights I'm terrified of going to sleep because I feel like I am going to die.  A majority of my day I feel like any second I'm going to fall out and be gone for good.  I'm scared to go to class, scared to go out with friends,  scared in general just because of the way I always feel.  Even sitting at my apartment I'm scared half of the time.  I understand and believe that if I was going to die from this it would have already happened but that does not help the way I constantly feel.  I use to workout 3 or 4 times a week, work 2 jobs,  always want to go out and party.  Now I don't even want to sit down and drink a beer.  I've been on multiple medications, now I am on a bunch of b-12 boosters.  Nothing about me is normal compared to the way I use to be.  How am I suppose to find a real job with these problems after college? (if I make it through college)  I have internship opportunities all over the country that I would absolutely love to do but I am too scared to go with the way I feel.  Someone my age and in college shouldn't feel this way.  Especially someone that use to be as healthy and active as I use to be..