New study found new mechanism that is able to boost the function of a AML1 protein which is usually weakened in patients diagnosed with leukemia. Researchers claim that this protein is key factor in the development of blood system and in production of platelets and immune cells.

During the research it was discovered that methyltransferase enzyme controls the activity of normal AML1 and it was showed how it can regulate the function of transcription factors, proteins that control cell fate by turning genes on or off. Experts found that the cellular pathways control the activity of the normal AML1 protein through a process called methylation and it cannot regulate the activity of protein associated with causing acute leukemia.

Researchers claim that by manipulating the activity of these enzymes it may be possible to promote the activity of the normal protein and decrease the impact of the protein that promotes leukemia. One of the scientists said that this protein could either trigger death or reverse it to normal behavior. Still, there are no drugs that can target this specific protein and researchers hope to find new things that can help them with treatment strategies for patients diagnosed with leukemia.