L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid which is found naturally in red meats and according to a new study it could help in treating injured heart muscles. L- carnitine is used as nutritional supplement to improve one’s exercise performance. Researchers hope that this new study could find new improved treatments for victim of heart attacks.

Study included about one hundred participants and all the patients underwent coronary angioplasty within 24 hours of their chest pain. One part of the patients received L- carnitine while others received none. Doctors say that some patients after what appears to be successful angioplasty still develop heart failure or cardiac arrest. Results of the research concluded that L- carnitine diminishes the injuries associated with angioplasty and helps to prevent the adverse effects from the catheter treatment and it also improves overall outcomes for patients.

Scientists agree that L- carnitine is very effective treatment to angioplasty and now researchers need to find what effect does L- carnitine has on cardiac events following a PCI.