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Hi, for about 3 weekz now my penis has been itchy. It has red marks all over it, at first it was peeling akin. Now it looks like fresh new skin (realy red and shiny). It gets really itxhy and burns when in contact with anything, even when erected. Its started when I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend (and I think she might of started her period maybe, there was a littlw bit of blood). She is diseases free, have seen results myself. I have pics too but dont know how to poat them. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


It’s hard to tell just from your description, but do be aware that dry, itchy skin is a common problem with many penises. Try using a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with a natural emollient like shea butter and an excellent hydrator like vitamin E.  Good luck!