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Hello, for several years I have had these little white bumps on my penis and scrotumthose pop, others are extremely hard and painful to get rid of. They have recently moved to the head of my penis, and I really want some help before it gets any worse


Well, the first problem is that without an actual physical examination, it's hard to know what you actually have and what to recommend. One possibility is that you are describing Pearly Penile papules (PPP), little white bumps that cluster, often is a ring and often near the bottom of the penis glans. These are totally harmless and shouldn't be popped; that can lead to infection. They may also simply be pimples or other common dermatological skin irritations. For skin irritations, often using a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. One with both the high end emollient shea butter and the natural hydrator vitamin E is best.  Good luck!