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So for the past month i had some serious dry skin problem on the lips, shoulder and the penis, so i started to drink a lot more water and apply anti-dry skin products on the dry places except for the penis. On the mouth and hands its slowly starting to disappear while on the penis its getting much worse. The top of the penises skin is getting dry and the skin is starting to fall off while a part of it got cut (image : ). My question here is if i should start applying the same anti-dry skin products i use for my lips and arms onto my penis aswell or if i should just drink more water.


You need to use a cream that is specifically intended for the penis. Your best bet is to find a superior penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that includes a high quality, natural emollient (such as shea butter), as well as an exceptional hydrator like vitamin E.  Regular use can help with many common penis skin issues, such as dry skin and rashes.  Good luck!