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Hello! I am a person who has a question. This is probably a good place to do so. I want to ask something about endometriosis and cerazette? I just need some basic info that can be useful for me. Actually it is not for me, I am asking this for my girlfriend. I wish to thanks for any respond.


Endometriosis is a medical condition where endometrial-like cells appear on the ovaries. These cells usually line the uterine cavity, and they control female hormones. I think endometriosis is generally the inflammation of these cells, causing pain around the pelvis like cramping. As the cells control female hormones, symptoms include mood swings, depression, headaches and anxiety. The condition is often a symptom of infertility.
Cerazatte tablets are a contraceptive pills also known as the mini pill. They prevent ovulation and the sperm entering the womb. Chemicals in cerazette work as progesterone , so the lining of the womb is also made thicker so that it is harder for the egg to be implanted, which further prevents pregnancy.

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