Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
Brief history:
Was on the pill for about 7 years
Went off it April 2008
Had normal period until got pregnant in August 08
Terminated at 7 weeks
Had, what I think, regular/normal periods - 28-30 days, lasted about 5-7 days.
Kept track of when I ovulate (after I got off the pill, was having ovulation pain on right side, counted 14 days, then was on time to start period)
December 2008-travelled, didn't "feel" an ovulation when I was suppose to in December.
Had sex with husband during the time I was "ovulating"
Last period was Dec 11
Didn't have one until January 26. I did take 3 pregnancy tests, 2 at home and 1 at the doctor and both came out negative. Started period on January 26. I forgot to mention that I had some "ovulation pain" around 1/14-15.
Period lasted 5 days. I still have some mild cramps. I had some mild cramping before I started, plus bad skin breakouts.

The doctor said it was normal to skip a period due to cycle changes. Anyone ever experience something like this? We want kids and the reason for the termination was because insurance didn't cover it. We figured if it happens again, it was meant to be and we would be okay.

So, I'm a little concerned about the delay in period and the cramping. Anyone? Thank you in advance for any advice.