I am 18 and 185 lbs 5'2 in. And I can't recall just how long I have been on NuvaRing. I'd say maybe July or August 2014. Since I have been on it I have gained about 20 pounds ( I can't give all the blame to it though.) My ideal weight to lose would be about 55-70 lbs (that's what the healthy weight calculator said). I need to lose this weight quickly as my bask is having much pain due to the size of my boobs. I started taking NuvaRing because my regular periods (with out being on birth control) are in fact irregular and very very painful and very very heavy and lasts for almost two weeks. It's gets really bad.. .since I've been on NuvaRing I have shorter periods, very light, and hardly any cramps which I am so greatful for but I don't know which is more important. . .losing the weight or having regulatory periods that aren't painful. I need help with this.