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I have just started into my 4th month of roaccutane and so far havnt had any major side effects except for dry skin and VERY sore lips. Still kinda undecided as to weather or not its making any major difference to my skin, but anyway not the problem.
Back to my question,
I know that pregnancy causes sever birth defects while on roaccutane, but i am unsure as to whether or not my pregnancies will be affected in later years as a result? Will my children have any defects due to using roaccutane? Can neone help with my query????

P.S Does anyone know if extremely sore eyes has anything to do with roaccutane or should i be worried for another reason??


How long have your eyes been sore, first and foremost? That cannot be fun and that's a condition that you should take care of as soon as possible. As for the birth defects, the only reason why women get them while on a medication is because the medication is in their system. Once the medication is out of your system, your children will not run a risk of birth defects that's above normal. I hope this helps!