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My doctor induced me on new years eve which was 2 weeks early when i was not having any contractions. he broke my water and then He used medicine to help induce me at such a high level it concerned the nurses and he kept increasing the dose earlier than scheduled. He tried to get me to deliver my son when i was only 6 cm dilated. My son was born with sever bruising on his face and his weight dropped down from 6 ib. 7 oz to 4 pounds. For the first two weeks home my son would not open his eyes, eat and slept non stop. He did not get back to his birth weight until he was 10 weeks old and remained 4 pounds tell he was 6 weeks old. He had trouble with straitening his legs until he was 3 to 4 months old and now has trouble walking. I starting having sever abdominal pain directly after the birth which have processed. My doctor wants me to get a lyposcopic surgery to find out if it is endometriosis. Is there any chance that my pain is cause by the abnormal birth of my son. That I feel was forced by the doctor. I know every birth is different but the birth of my daughter was no where as traumatic and much more natural the only different was my doctor. Now due to my insurance I am not aloud to switch doctors.


You need to call your insurance company and see about being referred to another doctor. You need to explain your situation. Insurance companies really don't care if you switch doctors as long as the doctor you choose excepts your type of insurance.

I can't imagine being forced to deliver at 6 centimeters dialated. Sounds like doc was in a hurry, probably had to make that golf t off!!! There is no reason to push birth. If you were not ready and there was no pending problems that any one knew of, induction was not necessary. You should never have agreed to it, but what's done is done.

I would even think about speaking to an attorny. Search for one that deals specifically with birth problems. Get into your phone book and call, then just ask if they deal with this sort of legal concern.
You mentioned that your baby now has trouble walking, so he is at least a year old by now, Your stomach problems, (i don't think) are related to his delivery, not at this point anyway.

You can switch doctors, you just need to be assertive and direct. Would any insurance company insist that you stay with a witch doctor? What does your baby's pedi say about all this?