I am a non of an almost 1 year old daughter. Last year, I almost lost life in post delivery when I had a retained placenta and 2.5L hemorrhage. I was told I was to at least 2 years before I have another baby. My period was 2 weeks last. I thought about it, but then brushed it off because I am nursing my daughter still and with that my hormones and periods fluctuation in timing. We went to the Dominican for 10 days and got back March 12 and still no period. I took a pregnancy test on March 13 and it was a positive. I was so upset and so scared because my husband didn’t finish in me. I automatically thought I couldn’t keep it - mentally, physically. So, I called a women’s clinic and got an appointment for the Wednesday. I saw them and it turned out I was 4 weeks pregnant. I was in tears because I just wanted to keep it so bad, but knowing my history, I just couldn’t risk it. I decided to take the medical abortion pills. I took the first mifepristone 200 mg at 4:30 on Wednesday and then Thursday at 4:30 I took misoprostol 800mcg. My questions are: How long do I wait to start nursing my daughter again? Is there any long term effects? - Future pregnancies with baby with birth defects? - risk of preterm labour or fetal death? Anything else I should know? I am so worried that I harmed my future pregnancies and children by taking these medications.