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HIYA All, I was wondering if you had information on getting car insurance money back if I can't drive due to diabetes. I pay my insurance every 6 months and I was curious if for some reason I couldn't drive due to diabetes would they give me my premiums back that I haven't used. I've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I haven't said anything to my insurance agent yet. Since I'm pre-diabetic and not taking insulin it seems that I don't need to say anything yet. Anything you could tell me about diabetes and car insurance would be most helpful. Thanks!


Hello, Getting car insurance money back if you can't drive due to diabetes depends on how the policy is or was canceled. Ultimately is depends on whether your insurer canceled the policy or whether you did. You can volunteer to cancel your policy for any reason. If you do this you should receive a full refund for what's left on the premium. You might want to check and see if there are any fees involved with early cancellation. You will need to send your insurance agent a written notice of your cancellation. It may take a couple of weeks to get your refund.


As you might have guessed there is a difference between you canceling a policy versus the insurance company. Insurance companies tend to cancel your coverage if you violate their agreement. One such cancellation can occur with non-payment of premium. Other cancellations include too many tickets, too many accidents or perhaps a DUI. Nevertheless, your insurance company needs to send you a written notice and give you time to get new coverage somewhere else. If you have prepaid premiums and part is unused you should receive the amount of the premium which is unused