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i have weird puss stuff commin out of my penis and it hurts to urinate at times and to sleep
i seen my docotor but my tests r not back and i am concerned its going to to get worse if it is gonorrhea and is untreated as its been close to 7 days
what should i do, i have been regulary cleaning my penis as a precaution.

also what are the medications for this as i am unable to swallow tablets.


How are you doing now? What did you find out? You mentioned not being able to swallow pills. Is there some throat problem too? If so, is it related to the other symptoms? You should have answers by now. I didn't know that std tests take that long to return results. If you were infected, did you remember to notify any of your sexual partners may be at risk? Please let me know how you are doing now and if you've been treated.