I'm going to type this out timeline style to make it clear as possible.

Earlier November - Sexual contact with new partner. This involved oral sex both ways and penetrative sex with a condom.

7 days after encounter - She contacts me to tell me that she's heard from someone she's had recent sexual contact with that he has test positive for gonorrhea. My symptoms had started by this point, a slight ongoing discomfort and slightly worse discomfort when peeing in my penis and for a few days a very light and clear discharge.

8 days after encounter- Go to gum clinic and get swab tested, urine tested and blood tested. The initial swab comes back negative there an then. The urine tests come back negative the following day and the blood tests negative a week later. I am given a dose of oral antibiotics and in the form of an injection.

Symptoms begin to pass.

19 days later - Go back to express STI service to provide another urine sample. This comes back all clear the following day.

22 days later - Get a call from the STI clinic to say that my initial swab actually ended up testing positive for gonorrhea via a culture test, but they then note that I have since that swab been back and re tested via urine and showed up negative so there is no need to worry and not to return.

Problem is since then my penis has been slightly sore again, the pain when I pee is back and there is sometimes a slightly foul smell to my urine. I also at times have a slightly sore and dry throat although this might be psychosomatic but I'm not entirely sure.

I'm now going out of my mind worrying that the infection never cleared and whether or not I should go back to the gum clinic to get re tested for a third time in a month.

Could it be something else? Am I overracting? Is a swab more accurate and do I need checking out again? If its a UTI can my GP just deal with this?