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Hi me nd my had half sex on 23rd april i didnt insert it bt tensed abt precum so gave her ipill and pn again we did it this time also half still tensed abt precum aftr dat she is sayng she had periods only on 3rd may after that she had a four days normal flow on the 1st june bt on the month of july she is not havng periods its 8th now plz help us plz is she pregnent 


It doesn't help understanding you when you use abbreviations, omit words, and run several sentences together. But if the last time you had sex was in April, then by now it should be obvious if she is pregnant, and a test would be accurate. The ipill can disrupt the menstrual cycle so that subsequent periods start earlier or later than expected.

Please clarify what you mean:

  1. What do you mean by "half sex"?
  2. What date did you give her the ipill?
  3. What do you mean by "and pn again we did it this time also half "
    1. pn again - means?
    2. this time - when?
  4. What other dates have you had any sexual activity?
  5. On what dates did her March and April periods start?