Hi, my boyfriend and me were mucking around and we got a bit turned on which ofcourse led us to being naked and feeling each other. However I made sure he did not touch his penis before fingering me and I made sure I did not touch my vagina! I gave oral sex and he kissed me straight after them ate me out.. Question one can I get pregnant from this? Secondly he then put on a condom after washing his hands and near body parts then rubbed his penis around my clitorous and slid IT up and down around my vaginal opening (I had wiped my vagina just invade any sperms were on it after he kissed me and ate me out - remembering I did perform oral sex so some sperm may be in my mouth! Anyways back to the point the penis did not go in at this point) will I get pregnant from this? Thirdly he then accidentally without control because of the wetness slipped the penis inside but only the tip he thrusted me like 10 times just the tip for a tease.. But then we stopped will I get pregnant from this? Please help!