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Me and my boyfriend were together and we had an argument but after we solved it and we was kissing and I gave him a hand job and ejaculated and we had it on his hand and my hand but we cleaned it with a tissue and after 15 minutes he fingered me and now I am afraid that he could have had semen on his hand. Could it have gone inside me even though his hands were dry? And he also licked me out and I don't remember but I think he kissed me before. Could sperms have transferred from my mouth to his and to my vagina The thing is I have read a lot and some people I saying sperms could only be alive if there was semen and that sperms die as soon as they hit air. And I have also read that saliva kills sperms as the mouth has enzymes to break down food. Could I get pregnant by any chance?  But he did clean his hands complete dry with a tissue before touch me down there Sorry if theres to much info but this is what I'm worried about :(


Hi Teesha,

I don't think you really need to worry from your description.  Yes, with any sexual contact there is a slight chance but sperm does die when it dries.  Transferring semen from your mouth to his to your vagina isn't the most efficient means either.

Hope it helps.