I gave someone head and I'm aware that you can't get pregnant from oral sex and he did not ejaculate (there could've been pre-cum) but he did turn me around and his penis touched my butt and he fingered me after having his fingers in my mouth. I had underwear on but it was very very thin (one of those no-show type panties). My breasts have been very sore and tender, I've been urinating unusually often, feeling nauseous (but that just could be because I've been feeling terribly sick because I'm 14 and the cops caught me giving oral sex and told my parent, so I've been in a constant paranoid state so it may just be that I'm extremely nervous), and having strong cravings but they've been subdued and I think I was stress eating. I'm expecting my period next week. This was also the first time I've ever given oral. I've just been extremely nervous and stressed. I didn't think that pregnancy was a possibility, but could the semen in my mouth have gotten on his fingers and then my vagina when he fingered me (my underwear was on the whole time but his fingers were under them when he was fingering me)? Or could the semen somehow have gotten to my vagina when his penis touched my butt? I don't remember all the details, but his penis might've slightly touched my as****e, though it never actually entered. I would appreciate any information that would help and if I should take a morning after pill and if yes, where can I find one at an affordable price?