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I have been diagnosed with severe exit foraminal stenosis on the right and moderate exit foraminal stenosis on the left. The pain on the left shoulder and arm goes back over one year and the pain on the right started about 6 months ago. I am seeing a surgeon later this week to determine what my options might be, but one concern I have is with hearing loss. Since the pain started a year ago, I have experienced ringing in the left ear and more recently ringing in the right ear. I had a hearing test recently and found that I have lost 60% of the hearing in the left ear but at this time the right ear is normal. Can exit forminal stenosis lead to hearing loss and if so, will surgery lead to recovery or partial recovery of hearing??



I am not sure if foraminal stenosis can cause you to lose your hearing. The foraminal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal foramen. This is the hole through which passes a spinal nerve, more precisely spinal nerve exits here from the spine. Have you been taking any medication for this condition? Could this be caused as a side effect from the medication that you took? I know that this problem of your is very complicated, but have you considered buying hearing aid? Many people use this to improve their hearing when they lose the ability to hear normally. I hope that you will recover your hearing. Ask doctor about medication that can help.

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